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5-6 years old is a very important period for children, showing the outstanding development of personality, physical, intellectual and emotional. If parents do not take the time to care, learn and adjust to help their children develop normally, they will miss the golden opportunity to form a good personality for their children later. Join Mr pgddttramtau.edu.vn to consult the psychology of 5-6 years old children so that parents can better understand their children, thereby choosing the right parenting method, helping children develop more comprehensively!

Typical psychological characteristics of children 5-6 years old

In order to help parents understand the psychology of 5-6-year-old children and choose the best educational method, Mr. pgddttramtau.edu.vn invites parents to refer to some typical characteristics of children in this age group.

Baby likes to imagine

Children aged 0-6 develop their imagination and creativity very quickly. Especially for children 5-6 years old, children’s language, skills and physical abilities have been perfected, their imagination will be very good. If properly oriented and developed, parents can create conditions for their children to do unthinkable things.

Baby’s perception of basic concepts such as good, bad, good, bad has begun to have a clear distinction. Children begin to enjoy listening to fairy tales about imaginary characters that parents often tell each night before going to bed. Children 5-6 years old mainly like to play the role of princes, kings, princesses, … and characters with good personality.

Therefore, to help children develop their imagination, it is best for parents to spend time with children when they tell stories or want to play with them. It’s an ideal way to boost your child’s imagination every day.

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Baby is afraid of the dark and animals

Parents with children of this level need to be aware that the baby is afraid of the dark and animals. At this stage, your baby becomes wary of fear. This comes from the fact that parents and relatives often threaten the baby, making the baby feel scared in the dark.

The next thing parents need to overcome is to face the fear by letting the child sleep alone. Let your child often play with animals they are afraid of and let them know that being afraid of animals is not scary. Gradually, your baby will love and enjoy playing with these animals.

Children are often selfish

Children aged 5-6 often begin to understand a sense of personal ownership, and they are often more selfish than children of other ages. Children in this age group have grown up and have a sense of ownership, so sometimes they refuse to share their things with others, including relatives.

Babies usually keep things to themselves and don’t want to give anything to anyone. This has two aspects, one is that the child’s self-esteem and self-esteem are very good, the other is that the child is too selfish, which will affect his personality later, becoming a narrow-minded person. Parents need to adjust as soon as possible so that their children can have a happier, more friendly life, and avoid feeling alienated at school as well as at home.

Psychological characteristics of children 5-6 years old.  (Image: Collection Network)

Babies are competitive and jealous

The next thing parents need to know when caring for and educating 5-6-year-olds is that children are very competitive and jealous at this stage. This is also because the child has a strong sense of individuality, the ego is higher than everything else and he becomes more selfish, so he is competitive and envious of others.

If a child has siblings in the family, it is often jealous of how the sibling treats the parent’s baby. If he was still in school, he would compete with his classmates.

If a classmate has an item that she likes at school, she will ask her parents to buy it for her when she gets home so she won’t lose out to her friends. This is the common mentality of spoiled children or only children.

Parents need to moderate the behavior of their children by treating them and other children in the family fairly. Teachers in the school should also treat all children fairly, minimizing the competitive mentality of 5-6 year olds.

Babies are often stubborn

Like other ages, 5-6 year olds tend to be stubborn, want to do their own thing and express their ego. Children accept “arguing” with adults, even parents, even to protect personal opinions.

Parents need to clearly explain the above issues to their children, so as not to make them negative, stubborn, quiet and difficult to grasp their children’s psychology and thoughts. The psychology of 5-6 year olds tells people that they are grown up and want to have their own opinions. Therefore, parents need to carefully tune in, listen and observe.

picky baby

Children picky eaters.  (Image: Collection Network)

When your child enters the pre-college stage, one of the characteristics parents need to look out for is that their child is a picky eater. Especially the only children who are spoiled by their parents, they are often very picky and want to respond immediately no matter what the request is.

In this situation, parents need to be strict and decisive, so that the child understands where the limit is. If the child continues to demand more than the limit set by the parents, then there must be a firm approach and clear discipline. Parents need to adjust slowly to make their children more mature, avoid complaining too much and spoiling them.

Cognitive development in preschool children

To better understand the psychology of 5-6-year-old children, parents need to refer to the cognitive development of preschool children. as follows:

Know how to count and understand numbers

When the child is 5-6 years old, it is also the time when he begins to move to the big kindergarten, he is familiar with elementary knowledge and creates the best foundation for entering 1st grade. Time Can count from 1 to 10 and understand numbers well.

This means that the baby has well received the dial and knows how to count from 1 to 10 and vice versa. Therefore, parents need to send their children to kindergarten or teach them these things themselves. This is a basic condition for children to begin exposure to mathematics in the first grade of primary school. Knowing this, children can learn new things in the first grade of high school according to the current new educational program.

understand the concept of time

In addition, the psychology of 5-6-year-old children shows that children at this age have a clear perception of the concept of time. Baby knows morning, noon and night. Know what time it is and have a clear picture of the time period.

The child has gone to a large kindergarten so he understands what time is. What is the weekend and what do you need to do during the day?

Remember colors and images

Psychological expression of 5-6 year old children lies in the memory of colors and images. If 3-year-old children can’t say the right color, by 5-6 years old children can recognize the colors blue, red, purple, yellow… and distinguish these colors in many different ways. Right.

In addition, children have the ability to perceive images very well thanks to their rich imagination. If parents invest in their children to learn to draw at this time, it will help them maximize their strengths.

gender awareness

Cognitive development in preschool children.  (Image: Collection Network)

What parents need to know is gender to help their child locate and distinguish properly. Child psychology of 5-6 years old shows that children have clearly understood how boys and girls are different. At the same time, babies can also distinguish boys and girls by different signs such as hair, clothes, school uniforms.

Therefore, parents need to guide their children to protect themselves, not to let strangers touch sensitive parts. Boys mainly play games for boys, while girls mostly choose light subjects to play.

Ability to classify and organize objects

What preschoolers need to know is tidying up and organizing things. It’s a basic skill that any normal child knows. Children know how to classify objects in the same group such as distinguishing dishes, distinguishing household utensils, distinguishing toys, and matching them.

This is a fundamental and important skill, showing that children are gradually perfecting their soft skills, perceiving things around them much better than young children.

Psychological factors of children 5-6 years old

After exploring the psychology of 5-6 years old children, parents need to understand the factors that affect the psychology of children at this age. as follows:

Psychological factors in children 5-6 years old.  (Image: Collection Network)

Family environment

For children, the family is always the first and most important environment that affects the child’s psychology and personality. If the family is good, a good foundation will form a stable, confident, happy child, and the baby will become happier, more flexible, smarter, and more successful.

The family psychologically affects the child through the relationship between family members, economic conditions, the attitude of relatives towards the child, the behavior of the members, the way of communication of the relatives. The more positive things in the house, the more positive energy and joy your baby will draw from it. From there, the baby becomes confident, flexible and understanding and vice versa.

Classroom environment

In addition to the family, it can be seen that the classroom environment directly affects the psychology of 5-6-year-old children, because this period of time children spend most of the day in class with teachers and friends. So, if parents choose to give their children a clean and orderly learning environment with a dedicated and qualified teacher, their children will learn a lot of happy things.

On the contrary, if the school that parents choose for their children has many limitations and negative effects, it will negatively affect the school psychology of children. If the classroom is clean, happy, and the teachers are dedicated, the children will love going to school, but if the classroom makes them scared and tired, the children will lack confidence and get annoyed with their friends when they go to school. Because this age has to assert themselves as adults, if children do not like to go to school, it is difficult for parents to force them.

How to help children develop a good attitude?

To help parents better understand the psychology of 5-6 years old children, do not forget to use the following basic methods:

Teach your child how to balance emotions and stay calm

One of the first things parents know when they have children at this age is to spend time teaching them how to better balance their emotions. Children need to learn how to stay calm in all situations, whether at school or at home.

This baby will learn from parents and family members, so parents need to pay attention to control their emotions, avoid letting their children get angry and think of talking to each other or talking to their children when they are angry. angry. It is best for parents to calm down first, after both the child and the parent have calmed down, explain to the child.

Let children form the habit of sharing and caring for others

To help children learn to share and care for others, parents must also work together for children to learn. Parents should take the time to ask about their child’s learning and play. This habit will help your child love others more.

Parents should teach their children to share and help others by training them to follow through daily practice. Parents should also care and help each other when needed.

Parents should be children’s friends

To help children be confident, speak freely, reduce complaints and stubbornness, parents should not forget to form a habit of listening in their children. Parents, consider yourself a friend of your child, take the time to listen to your child’s school stories and form a habit of sharing with others.

The closer parents share, the easier it is to help children understand the psychology of 5-6 year olds. From there, parents will know how to fix the problems that their children are facing.

maintain a harmonious family relationship

How to help children develop a good mind.  (Image: Collection Network)

To create a happy and happy psychology for 5-6-year-old children, first of all, parents need to maintain a harmonious and happy family relationship. Family has a direct influence on children’s psychology, emotions and personality. If parents are happy and members love each other, children will have a better mindset and more confidence in life.

Avoid letting your child witness a fight

Children 5-6 years old are very immature, very easy to imitate adults, vulnerable to the words of their loved ones. Therefore, parents should avoid letting their children witness quarrels, because this will leave children with psychological wounds that are difficult to heal. If you regularly hold a grudge in his presence, the child will suffer from this for the rest of his or her life.

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Here, in this article, pgddttramtau.edu.vn Brother has shared the psychology of 5-6 years old children who are cared for by their parents in a comprehensive and detailed way. Hopefully the above article can help parents better understand the psychology of their children at this age, in order to adjust and choose the most suitable method for their children, to help them develop healthy. happier and smarter.

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