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Topic: Describe an old tree

Selection of 5 sample essays Describe a beautiful and detailed old tree

I. Outline Describe an old tree

1. Opening lesson

Introduction to the ancient tree (Phoenix tree)

2. Body

– The trunk of the old phoenix tree is gray with many silvery white spots – The broad foliage provides shade in the summer days – The roots are large, zigzag, clinging to the ground – The phoenix flower glows red in the sunlight – The phoenix tree changes leaves all year round…(Continued)

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II. Sample essay Describe an old tree

1. Describe an old tree: Describe a phoenix tree

In the middle of my school yard, stood a phoenix tree blooming with crimson flowers. I don’t know when it was planted, just know that, when I first entered the school, I saw it standing there like a proud knight, shielding the children from the sun and rain at my school.

The phoenix tree is very old. The trunk has turned gray with a lot of silvery white spots because of old age. It stretched out its arms to protect us from the harsh rays of the scorching summer sun. Under the tree, emerged large roots, zigzag, winding like snakes slithering into the shade. Above is the foliage like a giant parasol. I don’t know anyone who has knitted the branches together into a similarly clever parasol. The cicadas often hide in the canopy of phoenix leaves and contain their cries all day long.

1 I have a lot of money

The best essays describing ancient trees

In the middle of the vast sky, the red phoenix flowers are outstanding, bright and cute. At recess, the petals of the phoenix flowers are separated by the girlfriends into beautiful butterflies. After the rain, the phoenix flowers scattered all over the schoolyard like the whole yard was spread on a bright red carpet, glistening in the sun’s rays. The phoenix tree changes leaves all year round. In winter, the tree sheds all its leaves, exposing bare, thin branches. But in the spring, young shoots sprout again, covering a fresh green color for the tree. Each time like that yielding as youth returns to the old phoenix tree, erasing the old age imprinted on its body. Not long after, all over the schoolyard the image of summer was painted with crimson flower clusters. The phoenix tree brings joy and excitement to students.

Summer has come again and the phoenix wings like butterflies are still in the guestbook pages of our children as a mark of beautiful memories that before parting, they were sent to each other for summer vacation.

———————END LESSON 1—————————

Next to the left is an old tree, but they need to learn more about other contents such as describing a newly planted sapling tree or describing a climbing vine to strengthen their knowledge.

2. Describe an old tree: Tackle the melaleuca tree

My school has many kinds of trees for shade, but my favorite is the melaleuca tree near the school gate.

From a distance, the melaleuca tree looks like a giant umbrella. The tree grows fast, surpassing the school gate. Large tree roots protrude from the ground like a swarm of snakes crawling. The body of melaleuca is as big as my arms, and the bark is dark and rough. Two meters high above the ground, the melaleuca trunk splits into branches. Each branch has many twigs sticking out in all directions, full of yellow leaves that have fallen off the branch. They walk on the ground. A few leaves flew to the pond next to the school, letting the boat float on the water. Interspersed with the green leaves, hidden golden petals shimmering in the sun like beams of tinsel. Sometimes, those beautiful little flower branches fall down, gently flying in the space, creating a very poetic scene. Melaleuca fruit is green, twisted like a young acacia fruit. With age, the fruit turns dark black. If you take the bacon in the water, white foam like soap will emerge…

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Essay describing the phoenix tree

At playtime, we come to gather around the melaleuca tree to have fun and chat. Sometimes, a few yellow flowers fall in the hair like a charm for us. A friend more mischievous came to hug the tree and rotate it around, looking very interested. At dawn, the sun rises, shining pink rays through the leaves, making the morning dew drops iridescent. Birds flocked together to dance and chirping. Several butterflies perched on fragrant petals. At night, the wind blows and shakes the leaves, creating a soothing sound.

I like Melaleuca trees very much, because Melaleuca trees not only give us shade to play but also increase the beauty of my school. On the peaceful summer afternoons, watching Melaleuca flowers fall is so much fun.

3. Describe an old tree: Describe a phoenix tree

In front of the school gate, I have a very large old tree, the canopy spreads out to shade a sky. It’s a phoenix tree.

Original phoenix do not know has ever had. I only know, the first day I followed my mother to school, I saw him standing right in front of the gate with a majestic posture, looking like a diligent security guard, always concentrating on guarding the school gate urgently. stretch. The phoenix root is rough, it is estimated that both students hug their new armor. From the ground to the top about two meters, the trunk splits into many branches and branches. The phoenix leaves are similar to tamarind leaves, but a little bigger, have a separate green color, look cool to the eyes, and a little bit together to form a large canopy like a giant natural umbrella, shading a corner of the yard. , in front of the school’s gate. Under this phoenix tree, I don’t know how many days have passed, how many times have we waited for our mother to pick us up and play together without fear of being sunburned… But when I like it the most, it’s also when I’m saddest, especially when the cicadas hum. scattered throughout the school grounds. I have a feeling that the phoenix tree is slowly turning to give off bright red flower clusters on the tree. This is also the time when we study hard to prepare for the end of the semester. As soon as the exam was over, the sound of cicadas was also loud and crispy continuously, it was miraculous that the natural umbrella tree was like wearing a brilliant red color of the phoenix clusters. It was also the time when we temporarily bid farewell to the phoenix roots and the school roof for summer vacation.

Oh! How great is the ancient tree in front of the school gate. This Mai grew up and was forced to leave. Surely, the phoenix tree, the school yard will be an unforgettable memory in our student life. I wish that, in five or ten years, we will have the opportunity to go back to school, that phoenix root is always greener and better developed than now, so that we can have a little memory of our childhood.

4. Describe an old tree: Tackle the banyan tree in my village

Each homeland has its own beauty, its own scenery. My hometown is associated with the roof of the water, the communal house yard, … especially the ancient banyan tree at the top of the village. That banyan tree is like the ghost of my whole village.

The old banyan tree in my village was planted a long time ago, about a hundred years old, since I was born, the banyan tree has grown like a giant. The tree stump is wide, occupying a large area of ​​land, The roots are rough, big and fat floating on the ground like giant pythons. The trunk of the tree was big, dark brown around, there were also equally large sub-trees connected to the branches, making the tree even more solid, like even if there was a storm and rain, nothing could knock the banyan tree down. that. From the trunk, big and muscular branches like the biceps of an athlete grow, spreading out in all directions, forming a wide canopy.

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The large, green banyan leaves grow luxuriantly on the branches, each clump clumps together to form a giant green umbrella to shade the sun and rain for the villagers. Birds nest together, chirping in the trees. On summer days, when the sun is high, the bright yellow rays of sunlight crept through the leaves, shining on the ground like tiny light spots. From the tree, grow long, thick tassels that touch the ground, reminding me of the village elder with a long luxuriant beard who keeps the village peaceful day after day.

Every day, under the banyan tree is a resting place for farmers to plow the fields, drink a bowl of water to relieve fatigue, a place for us children to play, climb the cool branches, shout loudly. It is on every calm afternoon, or it is also the place where every evening, the villagers invite each other to sit and chat, happily chatting and watching the bright moon in the sky. My grandfather once said that this banyan tree has been around for nearly a hundred years, so it is very sacred, it is like the spirit of our whole village, no one dares to destroy it or do any harm to the banyan tree. We need to protect and preserve that banyan tree, it is the identity of our village. His words have always remained in my mind, the love of that ancient banyan tree is not only old but also has an ancient beauty, attached for many generations to my village. Sitting under the banyan tree, I felt strangely peaceful in my heart, perhaps it was a place that was so dear, it always extended its arms to protect each child of this village.

How many years have passed, the old banyan tree is still standing there. Although now I am no longer in my hometown often, but every time I have the opportunity to go back to my hometown, I go to the roots to sit and watch the beautiful homeland that has been attached to my childhood. No matter where I go, perhaps the tree will forever remain in my mind as a pride in my village.

5. Describe an old tree: Tackle the top rice tree in the village

Hometown! How familiar are those two calls! Homeland for each person can be the image of a banyan tree, a wharf, a boat, etc. But for me, the homeland is the image of a rice tree at the top of the village.

Every spring, the rice tree sheds its gray-brown shirt and replaces it with a fresh green shirt full of life. Just the other day, on the trunk of the tree, there were only branches that were now covered with a beautiful green color. Spring rice plants attract bird relatives to come here to celebrate. There are so many birds from starlings, cuckoos, .. to buzzing in a corner of the sky. But perhaps the most beautiful rice plant in February and March is when the rice flowers bloom. How beautiful are the rice flowers like little sparks flickering on the emerald green foliage! Looking back at the rice tree from afar, it looks like a giant torch burning, every time the light wind blows, a few rice flowers leave their branches, sway like dancing in the air and then land on the ground.

I have a lot of money 3

Essay describing the first rice tree in my village

In the summer, the rice leaves become even more shady, covering the whole sky, the children in my neighborhood like to sit under this tree and talk and enjoy the cool air. The cool breeze blowing through makes the trees flutter and looks so refreshing. In the sound of summer’s cicadas, I feel so cool and peaceful lying under the tree.

Summer is over, fall is coming. The sweet sunlight of autumn reflected on the old tree, making me feel so peaceful. In the mornings while the sun has not yet risen, a thin mist surrounds the rice plants, creating a blurry beauty for the rice plants. On autumn afternoons, I like to sit under a tree to look at the sky and think about my dreams or just absently look up and count the rice flowers like fire butterflies on the tree trunk. .

Then the cold winter also comes after autumn is over. The rice tree now has only bare branches to withstand the harsh cold of the cold winter. The tree was still standing there as if to challenge heaven and earth, hidden deep in those bare branches were the flowing streams of vitality, just waiting for the cold spring to come out again, young shoots full of life.

I love this rice plant. It is not only my close friend but also a symbolic image of my beloved homeland.

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In order to practice writing skills in describing scenes and presentations, 5th graders need to refer to good 5th grade essays on a variety of topics such as describing the rain, describing a banana tree in bloom, describing a tree. flowers, describe the scene of your school, describe the shaded tree, etc. Regularly learn the outline, how to organize your ideas, use comparative pictures, your writing skills, and your grades in class will be improved. significantly for that to see.

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Describe an old tree

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