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With 4 essays Retelling a memory with a pet that you love will help students know how to develop ideas and then know how to write 6th grade writing exercises.

Describe a memory with a pet you love – model 1

It must be said that Lucky is not a precious dog but just a beautiful dog. It is 100% Vietnamese dog. Maybe the previous owner raised it for meat or something, so when I got home it was already castrated. So it’s fat and round. Weighs easily 20kg (I already had a weight when I was vaccinated). The feathers are golden again and look very cute. Only the long snout and sharp bared teeth look very scary. However, Lu was very gentle. Anyone can swipe and he’s happy to meet anyone. Hai often teases him for being a “friendly” dog and doesn’t believe in keeping his house at all.

I didn’t care about it at first either. Or rather, I neither hate nor love. But then many things happened that made me change my attitude. That is every time I come home from school, it lies in front of the door, waiting for me from afar. And when I haven’t seen it yet, it has seen me. It ran out to cheer me up. At that time, its tail kept calling and wagging, its front legs jumped up as if it wanted to hug me. Her mouth squealed with joy. Moreover, his eyes were full of earnest expressions, how could I not be touched. So day by day, I love it every now and then.

I love Lucky even more when one day it sets up a goal to catch mice! Would you believe it when dogs can catch mice like cats. But it’s the truth. The number is that my store has a lot of furniture, so rats often hide. Mom hates cats, so she refuses to adopt them. Then the rats raged violently. One day, when I was lying in bed, I heard the sound of mice chasing each other behind the shelves. When he cocked his ears up, his front legs stretched out to listen… Then a fat “Ti” guy ran past. Without hesitation, when reaching out, leaned forward. Mr. “Ti” struggled to be grabbed by Lui. When he bit hard, he shook his head and excitedly showed it to my father. Dad took the mouse carcass and threw it in the trash and praised when it was good, when it was talented. Since then, Lu was encouraged to kill mice and set up more victories. That’s why my mother loves him even more.

Suddenly, Lui has been with my family for 7 years. So many happy and sad memories of the family that we shared together. Even my brother Hai went to school away from home for four years, but when he returned, he was still happy and still remembering. Therefore, everyone in my family loves Lui. My father often told us that he was no longer a dog but a close member of the family. For me, I can’t imagine a day coming home from school without seeing her happy. If it’s “kidnapped”… oh my, I’m dead. So I just prayed to God to let him live forever with my family. I’ll take care of it like it’s my maknae.

Describe a memory with a pet you love – model 2

People still say that dogs are the most loyal and affectionate animals, so I love this animal very much. That year, my family adopted a dog, I called it dearly Mun. Mun was sent to me by my brother in the South when my grandmother went there to visit her aunt and uncle.

Mun has very beautiful ruffled fur, the body has a jet black face. The peacock tail is cute and full. Small head with bright, cute eyes. She is also very stylish, loves to stroke her fur early in the morning, sometimes runs and jumps in the yard with agility and charm like a dancer. My favorite is when Mun and I talk, she likes to wag her tail and fall on her feet and listen to me whisper. Happy, sad, I also confide in her, between us is not the love of the owner – me but like the feelings of close friends.

Then at that time, because I was too busy with homework and exam pressure, I didn’t pay much attention to it. Maybe because Mun is sad, he sometimes runs to the neighbor’s house to play with the children there.

One day, as usual, I sat to study, Mun went out to play. About 30 minutes later, I heard a scream from a neighbor’s house. But because I’m still worried about the unfinished homework, I try to do more. About ten minutes later, the cry was still there, but it gradually became less and less audible, then I heard my father rushing in from outside the door:

– Mai, where is Mai, the Mun is killed by people and is about to die

At this point, I panicked and ran out in fear:

– What…what…so dad..What’s wrong with Mun?

Oh my God! Looking at Mun’s eyes lowered because of fatigue, his head was covered with blood, but I was both sad, worried and afraid. Could it be that when the screams started, Mun was being beaten? Oh my God! What have you done, your carelessness has made Mun this mess or something. At that time, I cried, I cried because I loved Mun, because I was angry with myself and hated those cruel people, they were so cruel just for the sake of a drink?

I helped Mun up, took the milk from the bag and put it little by little into my mouth. The stab wound from the top of the head was quite deep, so it took some time for Mun to completely heal. Since then, I have paid more attention to Mun, no matter how busy I am, I have to care and take care of her. This story happened a long time ago, but when I think about it, I still shiver with fear. I hope Mun and I will have more time together.

Describe a memory with a pet you love – model 3

Each adult child not only has close friends but also has a special affection for his or her pets. There are such ordinary, small animals. But long-term companionship will gradually become a part of life. Recalling pets, memories with Bun – my favorite dog suddenly rushed back.

My mother doesn’t like dogs, cats or any other pets. From a young age, my sister and I were extremely thirsty and jealous of the neighbors’ children when they happily played with cats and dogs. But suddenly, Bun came to my family. It was originally a dog that wandered around, wandering around my house. Winter four years ago, I loved the little dog with nowhere to go, no one to take care of, so I went up to feed it. After the whole family has finished eating, I usually take cold rice and discarded food, mix it in a bowl, put it outside the gate to wait for it to finish eating, then put the bowl away. I did this continuously for a whole week, Bun got used to it and became close to me. Many times my mother was not at home, I even took her to the bathroom to wash her. Water washes away stains on Bun’s fur, revealing white fur. After a few days of eating well, it gained a lot of weight, and added two short slightly drooped ears, round brown eyes like marbles, it looked very cute. The name of Bun was I accidentally gave it because of a reason. When I gave him noodles to eat. He didn’t bother to try and hurried away from the bowl. I later learned that he doesn’t eat things like vermicelli or pho. I thought it was weird and called it Bun. The dog is smart, seems to understand that I take the dish he hates the most, so at first he pretended to be displeased. But calling forever is familiar, the boy gradually accepted.

After a while, Bun really became my close friend. Mom sometimes has doubts, but Bun never arbitrarily entered the house, so no one noticed. It will still wander like that if nothing happens in a few days. While playing hide and seek with my friends in the garden of Mr. Five’s house, I was bitten by a snake. I stepped on its lair so it immediately sprayed needles on my leg. First time seeing a snake up close, moreover being bitten by it. I looked at the snake as big as my thumbs slithering away, then at the tiny bite that was bleeding, terrified. I cried without a sound. All of you are hiding in other places, Uncle Nam has gone out since just now, no one can help me.

When I panicked the most, Bun appeared. Turns out it’s still hanging around me. Watching it run back to me, despite the two big dogs in Uncle Nam’s house, it barked loudly. It looked at my snake-bitten leg and ran away. Seeing the white hair disappear, my heart suddenly felt disappointed. Bun left me alone, ran away. An innocent thought appeared in my head, must it see me like this, it knows I won’t be able to feed it anymore, so it left me. This time I burst into tears. Just then, I heard a commotion in the distance. Bun launched his short legs, ran towards me and stood wagging his tail. Mom and Uncle Nam appeared behind him. Seeing me hugging my legs and squatting down, my mother was worried when she came to see me, she was dumbfounded. Uncle Nam saw that and rushed with my mother to take me to the medical station. Bun stood watching, its eyes glittered magically, its tail was still wagging and wagging. The doctor examined the wound and concluded there was no problem, just a non-venomous flower snake. Everyone breathed a sigh of relief.

I returned home and curiously asked my mother how she found me. Mother seemed to remember something, going to get cold rice like I usually do. Just got married and said:

– I was about to go back to my grandmother to find you when I saw a white dog growling in front of the door. He let go of the handkerchief that had been dropped so that his mother had to chase him. He ran to Uncle Nam’s alley, stopped, then his mother heard her crying, so she went with Uncle Nam, who had just returned from the market to see.

Mother paused for a moment and then continued:

– That dog is so smart. Mom brought him rice, Uncle Nam told him to wander around here for a long time.

I was happy and touched by the intelligence and affection of Bun, bringing the story to my mother. I persuaded my mother to let me raise it, she hesitated for a moment and then agreed. My sisters and I are very happy, for the first time we have a dog of our own. Noodles come into my house and become a great friend and housekeeper. It eats more and grows as fast as it can. My sisters and I take it everywhere, friends look at its white fur, everyone compliments it on how cute it is.

After many years have passed, every time I recall that memory, my whole family looks at Bun with loving and appreciative eyes. Although the snake bite that time was not poisonous, but in exchange if it was a poisonous snake, without Bun, I would have been in danger. Random Bun came to me, but it became an important part of my childhood.

Describe a memory with a pet you love – model 4

Everyone’s childhood is attached to a lovely pet, it can be a turtle, a bird or a cat. As for me, my childhood is associated with the brave Phi Phi dog.

Phi Phi is a hybrid dog that I found in the park..! Here is the story: about a year ago, in the afternoon I went to exercise in the park. While jogging, I suddenly heard a faint groan in the trees. Curious, I peeked through the leaves and saw a weak little dog lying in a paper box whining. I love you so much, I brought it home to adopt. I didn’t expect, when bringing Phi Phi back, my parents not only didn’t blame me but also urged me to go get milk for him to drink!

Now Phi Phi is very big. His fur is smooth black, his four legs are tall and strong. The ears are always erect to listen to all sounds around. The nose always seemed to snort like it was sniffing everything. Phi Phi is very docile and courageous. When it was dark, he always went out on the porch to lie next to him. With Phi Phi outside, my whole family is very comfortable going to sleep. Then, one day, something happened, and my family deeply felt Phi Phi’s courage and loyalty.

It was a cold winter night. As usual, Phi Phi was still lying on the porch. My whole family was sleeping when suddenly I heard Phi Phi barking fiercely, the uncle pulling the chain clattering. Dad quickly got up and gently swam out with his cane. At the end of the garden, a suspicious shadow was moving. Seeing movement, he quickly climbed the wall to escape. Dad shouted at the neighbors while running after the thief. Phi Phi also jumped up, the chain was torn as much as possible. Dad chased after the thief, suddenly, he turned around and kicked him hard. Losing momentum, Dad fell. He took advantage of that moment to press on his father, his right hand pulled out the knife and swung it. At that moment, Phi Phi came from nowhere and grabbed his knife handle, and even though he pushed, kicked and kicked, he was determined not to let go of his hand. The struggle stopped when neighbors rushed to tie the thief up. My mother gently helped my father into the house while reminding my sisters and me to get Phi Phi milk and bring him into the house.

After that day, Phi Phi became famous in the whole neighborhood with the story of “saving the owner”. The arrested thief then confessed to many thefts in which he was involved. My family and Phi Phi were also honored!

Phi Phi still lives with my family until now. He was always pampered and loved by the whole family, especially me. Phi Phi is a dog, but there are many things worth learning, right guys!

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