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Eggs are a nutritious food for the development of new weaning babies and are the raw materials for processing many delicious and attractive weaning dishes. Eating solids with eggs will help the baby grow healthy and smart, and also help the mother reduce the processing time. Let’s learn more with monkeys!

Nutritional value of eggs

Before learning about egg-based snacks, parents need to understand that an average egg with the shell weighs 40g, if the shell is removed, it takes 3 eggs to get 100g of finished eggs. Therefore, the nutritional composition of these 3 types of eggs includes:

  • Energy accounts for 166 calories

  • Protein makes up about 14.8g

  • Fat makes up about 11.6g

  • Glucose makes up 0.5g

  • Fiber accounts for 0g

  • Vitamin D at 0.88 mcg

  • Vitamin K at 0.3 mcg

  • Minerals include the following: calcium about 55 mg, iron about 2.7 mg, potassium about 176 mg, zinc about 0.9 mg, magnesium about 11 mg…

Therefore, it is possible to assess whether egg-based snacks provide children with adequate nutritional components including: proteins, lipids, carbohydrates, essential vitamins and minerals. At the same time, eggs also contain enzymes and hormones that help the baby grow, gain weight, and stabilize the digestive system.

Therefore, the protein in egg yolk has a simple structure and exists in a soluble form, so it is easily absorbed by the body. Protein provides the body with good amino acids such as tryptophan, methionine, cysteine, arginine … to help the body develop comprehensively and maintain health.

10+ Miles Meals With Eggs For Baby Mashed

Today I would like to introduce to you 10+ delicious, nutritious and baby favorite egg snacks of pgddttramtau.edu.vn Brother:

egg soup

Nutritional value of eggs.  (Image: Collection Network)

Egg weaning is the simplest dish that parents with children in the weaning period should prepare. The processing is simple, parents can grasp the time to feed the baby.

Ingredients: eggs, rice, spices.

Handle as follows:

  • The first step: Mother soaked the rice in water until soft, then poured into the pot to simmer the porridge until soft.

  • Step 2: Crack an egg and separate the egg yolk.

  • Step 3: The porridge boils again, add the egg yolks to cook together, stir well and then turn off the stove.

  • Step 4: Ladle the porridge into the bowl, add the chives.

Through the above 4 steps, you have finished preparing a simple and nutritious egg meal to help your baby gain weight and height.

Sweet potato egg porridge

Full of healthy ingredients and intestinal system, sweet potato egg porridge will be an interesting suggestion, any parent should refer to to prepare baby food.

Ingredients: egg, rice, sweet potato.

Handle as follows:

  • The first step: Soak rice in water to soften, cook porridge until soft.

  • Step 2: Peel sweet potatoes and steam until soft. Separate the yolks from the egg yolks and beat well.

  • Step 3: Bring the porridge to a boil again, add the sweet potatoes and eggs, stir well, and then turn off the stove.

  • Step 4: Scoop the porridge into a bowl and feed it to the baby after the porridge cools down.

Lotus Seed Egg Porridge

More than 10 baby foods with eggs for baby to mash.  (Image: Collection Network)

The next weaning egg dish that I want to introduce to you is the delicious and nutritious lotus seed egg porridge, which helps children strengthen immunity, eat well and sleep well.

Ingredients: eggs, lotus seeds, rice, green onions.

Handle as follows:

  • Step 1: Mother soak the rice before cooking until the porridge is cooked, depending on the age of the baby.

  • Step 2: We separate the yolk and beat well.

  • Step 3: Mother soaked lotus seeds and boiled them until soft, then took them out and ground into a fine powder.

  • Step 4: Mother cook porridge to boil again, add lotus seeds, add egg yolks and stir well.

Through the above 4 basic steps, you can enjoy delicious and nutritious lotus seed egg porridge to help your baby sleep better.

Carrot egg porridge

Add an egg weaning tray that moms should refer to and make baby weaning at home.

Ingredients: rice, eggs, carrots.

Handle as follows:

  • The first step: Mom soaked rice in water and cooked porridge.

  • Step 2: Break the eggs, separate the egg yolks, beat them, wash the carrots, cut them into pieces, steam them and then puree them.

  • Step 3: Boil carrots and beaten eggs into porridge, add seasoning to taste.

  • Step 4: Mom scooped porridge into a bowl, let it cool for the baby to enjoy.

Cabbage Egg Porridge

Chicken egg porridge with beef and mushrooms.  (Image: Collection Network)

The next egg dish is cabbage egg porridge to help children increase fiber, vitamins and improve digestion.

Ingredients: rice, cabbage, eggs.

Handle as follows:

  • The first step: Mother soaked rice in water until soft and then cooked porridge according to the age of the baby.

  • The second step: Mother cut the cabbage and washed it, then steamed it and mashed it.

  • Step 3: Separate the yolks and whip the yolks.

  • Step 4: Bring the porridge to a boil and then add the cabbage and egg yolks.

  • Step 5: Scoop out the bowl, let it cool for the baby to enjoy.

vegetable egg porridge

Delicious egg porridge.  (Image: Collection Network)

A weaning food that provides fiber, vitamins and minerals for your baby is egg and vegetable porridge. From the ingredients to the recipe, everything is easy to understand.

Ingredients: eggs, hot vegetables, rice.

Handle as follows:

  • The first step: Mom soaked the rice and cooked the porridge very finely.

  • Step 2: Separate and beat egg yolks, wash and puree the coriander leaves.

  • Step 3: When the porridge is boiling, put the egg yolks and spinach powder in the pot, when cooked, turn off the heat.

  • Step 4: Mother seasoned again and then turned off the stove, scooped porridge into a bowl, let it cool and fed it to the baby while it was still hot.

tomato egg porridge

Baby tomato eggs.  (Image: Collection Network)

With ingredients of eggs and tomatoes, this is a suitable weaning dish for babies who have already started eating solid foods.

Ingredients: rice, tomatoes, eggs.

Handle as follows:

  • Step 1: Put rice in a bowl, soak in water until soft, then cook porridge.

  • Step 2: We separate the yolk and beat it.

  • Step 3: Wash tomatoes, peel and cut into small pieces.

  • Step 4: Mom put the baby’s cooking oil into the pot and then sauteed the onions, fried the tomatoes until soft, and added water.

  • Step 5: Put the tomatoes into the porridge pot, add the egg yolks, cook and then turn off the stove.

  • Step 6: Scoop the porridge into a bowl for the baby to enjoy.

Amaranth egg porridge

It's easy to eat eggs with a variety of vegetables.  (Image: Collection Network)

Parents, please refer to and prepare the following egg-based snacks to provide nutrients, especially vitamin A, for your baby.

Ingredients: rice, eggs, amaranth.

Handle as follows:

  • Step 1: Put rice in a bowl, soak in water until soft, then cook porridge.

  • Step 2: We separate the yolk and beat it.

  • Step 3: The mother spinach is washed, steamed and then pureed into a powder.

  • Step 4: Put eggs and amaranth into the porridge, cook and then turn off the stove.

  • Step 5: Scoop the porridge into a bowl and let your baby enjoy it while it’s still hot.

Beef and mushroom egg porridge

Mushroom egg porridge.  (Image: Collection Network)

  • Step 1: Put rice in a bowl, soak in water until soft, then cook porridge.

  • Step 2: We separate the yolk and beat it.

  • Step 3: Mother washed shiitake mushrooms and cut them into small pieces, washed and crushed beef, marinated with spices just eaten by the baby.

  • Step 4: Put the beef in the pot, then add the shiitake mushrooms and stir fry until fragrant. Pour the mixture into the porridge, then stir well and add the egg yolks.

  • Step 5: Cook for a few more minutes, re-seasoning, then turn off the stove, scoop out the bowl and feed the baby while it is still warm.

Egg green bean porridge

  • Step 1: Put rice in a bowl, soak in water until soft, then cook porridge.

  • Step 2: We separate the yolk and beat it.

  • Step 3: Soak green beans in water until soft, steamed and then pureed.

  • Step 4: When the porridge is boiling, add the pureed green beans and the egg yolk and mix well.

  • Step 5: Scoop out the bowl and let the baby enjoy.

How many eggs should babies eat?

After referring to 10+ popular egg snacks, parents need to know how many eggs they should give their children by age. Check out the details below!

  • Children 6-7 months old: Experts believe that at this stage, babies are just beginning to adapt to food, their digestive system is still relatively weak, so it is best to give only half an egg yolk in a weaning meal. In addition, within 1 week, the mother should only feed the baby 2-3 times.

  • Children 8 – 12 months: At this age, your baby will eat about 1 egg yolk in a solid meal. Ideally, parents should only feed their baby 3-4 eggs per week.

  • Children 1-2 years old: Should eat solid food with eggs 3-4 eggs per week. Parents should also note that children must eat both egg whites and egg yolks to ensure adequate nutrients.

  • Children over 2 years old like to eat solid foods with eggs, it is best for parents to give 1 egg per day. If children do not like to eat this dish, parents should also ensure that children eat 3-4 fruits / week.

Note when feeding your baby eggs

To ensure that the baby eats the right eggs and has enough nutrition, parents should note the following points when feeding this nutritious baby food:

Be careful when feeding your baby eggs.  (Image: Collection Network)

Don’t eat eggs as an essential food

The first thing parents cannot ignore when feeding their baby eggs is that they should not abuse eggs in their children’s daily meals. Although eggs contain many substances that are beneficial to health, if parents give their children eggs every day, they will cause indigestion and even diarrhea.

The reason is that the baby’s digestive system is still immature, the digestive enzymes secreted out are not enough to continuously digest the substances in the eggs. In addition, eggs do not contain fiber, eating a lot is not easy to digest will create a burden on the intestines of children at this age.

Do not give egg whites to children under 6 months

The next thing parents need to remember is that children under 6 months old should not eat egg whites and foods containing eggs. Because, at this age, babies are prone to food allergies that cause itching, rashes … after eating egg whites.

Some babies eat egg whites because their immune systems are still weak, so they will have different allergic manifestations and even harm their health later on.

Do not give your child eggs when they have a fever

In case the child has a fever, parents should absolutely not give the child any additional foods containing eggs. Because eggs are very high in calories, if your baby eats them, there is a risk of generating heat leading to an elevated body temperature. This makes your baby’s fever higher than normal and harder to cool down.

Instead of giving your baby eggs, give your baby hot water, filtered water, fruit juice, and coconut water to cool down the body, help the baby have a good digestive and excretory system, and cool down faster. If the baby has a fever, the mother can also give fever-reducing medicine, perilla juice or a hot compress.

Do not let children eat raw eggs and peaches

The last thing that parents who want to give their baby eggs need to know is that the food they want to prepare for the baby must be cooked. Because eggs are very susceptible to bacterial infection, they can easily crack or get into the air, causing gastrointestinal diseases.

It is best not to cook poached eggs, as they are not thoroughly cooked when the eggs are added. Parents should prepare fried eggs for 3 minutes or boiled for 7 minutes to ensure that the ingredients in the eggs are completely cooked to ensure absolute safety for babies.

In addition, raw eggs also have a dense structure that makes the protein components more difficult to digest. Fully boiled eggs have a liquid protein structure, nutrients that are easy to digest and absorb for babies during the weaning period.

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Therefore, Ton Ngo Khong shared with his parents in detail 10+ delicious and nutritious egg-based snacks. Hopefully, the above article can help parents understand how to use eggs in their baby’s weaning powder properly and safely so that their baby can develop comprehensively in terms of height, weight and intelligence.

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